We are your source for safe, secure and efficient IT asset destruction and recycling.

We have kept over 2,000,000 pounds of e-waste out of local landfills since 2007

Our Services Include:

Compliant Data Destruction

On-site or off site shredding of all HDD’s provided by our portable HDD Shredder at low or NO cost.

Technology Recycling

We provide compliant, responsible recycling and disposal of all IT equipment.

Computer Recycling

Our computer recycling service responsibly recycles old computers, hard drives, monitors, servers, etc. ensuring data security and safety through the entire process.

Resale and Investment Recovery

Integrity Tech Recycling can resell your used technology, and recover maximum value from your assets

Clear, Auditable and Secure Chain of Custody Services

From pickup to destruction, Integrity Tech Recycling ensures the security of hardware and sensitive data. All assets are tracked and reported – from logistics, through asset inventory and into final disposition. Once assets are packed, they will be transported securely and directly to the Integrity Tech Recycling facility. Integrity Tech Recycling provides secure logistics options so clients can be assured of complete chain-of-custody management. For more details, please contact us at 717-885-7985.

Logistics Management

Integrity Tech Recycling can help you stage, pack, and securely transport virtually any quantity of equipment from anywhere in South Central Pennsylvania. NO or low cost pickups are available.

Data Sanitization

Every level of data sanitization on PCs, servers, and all related media, is provided by Integrity Tech Recycling.

Equipment Destruction & Certification

At Integrity Tech Recycling, equipment recycling procedures follow all R2/RIOS standards. No non-functioning IT equipment or related materials are shipped overseas and a zero-landfill policy is maintained. Certificates of destruction are provided upon request.

On-site Packing

Items that could potentially be remarketed will receive additional attention to mitigate the potential of damage during shipping. NO or low cost pickups are available.


Integrity Tech Recycling Technology Recycling offers complete Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) services, including:

Asset Retirement

Integrity Tech Recycling can create a custom asset retirement solution for your organization. By managing your asset retirement program, Integrity Tech Recycling streamlines the entire process and eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors. Whether you need an ongoing asset retirement program for multiple locations or just an occasional pickup of old assets from one office, contact us today, and clear out your unwanted electronics.

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery solutions are demonstrably more secure and produce significantly more value than traditional IT Asset Disposal. We use technology to control the process, in-house logistics to protect the value, and automation to ensure all assets are optimized fully – without risk to your brand. At Integrity Tech Recycling, we work with our customers to construct a solution that optimizes the value of all assets across all hardware platforms. Our Asset Recovery services are designed to meet the objectives of all Stakeholders – driving value, security sustainability and Return On Investment, through our solutions. Our services are governed by the highest security, environmental and ethical standards. We achieve reliability and efficiency by streamlining asset recovery, standardizing processes and providing expertise when and where you need it most.

Data Destruction

Compliant Data Destruction is off-site erasure, or physical destruction.

Advanced Data Destruction

We value the privacy of your old data by sanitizing all hard drives using the latest Specialized Data Destruction software, writing across all sectors with random characters, or by physically dismantling the hard drives.

Why Choose Integrity Tech Recycling?

    • We have been servicing the Susquehanna Valley since 2007.
    • We have over 45 years of combined experience in the electronics recycling field.
    • Per our SOP, we shred all HDDs we receive in our own safe, central station alarm and CCTV monitored facility.
    • We also offer low cost of HDD shredding at your facility if required.
    • HIPPA compliant with multiple large medical organizations as multi-year clients
    • We have kept over 2,000,000 pounds of e-waste out of local landfills since 2007

I have been working with Jim and his wonderful team for the past 10 years. 

They are very knowledgeable, responsible and always on time. 

To describe Integrity in one word I would use 



Happy Customer

I have worked with Jim Stuart and Integrity Tech Recycling for over 5 years now for my electronic recycling needs.  Jim and his team have always been very responsive and professional to work with and have exceeded expectations. 

I have enjoyed working with Jim so much over the years, when I switched jobs over a year ago, he was the first one I called to setup electronic recycling with.  I would recommend his team and services to anyone looking for electronic recycling.

Chet B.

Network Administrator

I am delighted to share my experience working with Integrity Tech Recycling, an exceptional electronics recycler that has truly impressed me with their responsiveness, professionalism, and commitment to making recycling convenient for their customers.

From my very first interaction with Integrity Tech Recycling, I was struck by their prompt and courteous communication. They made it easy for me to get in touch with them and were always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. Their team was incredibly helpful in guiding me through the recycling process and ensuring that I had all the information I needed to make informed decisions.

What I appreciated most about working with Integrity Tech Recycling was how convenient they made the entire process. They offer a range of options for electronics recycling, including drop-off locations and pick-up services, which made it incredibly easy for me to get rid of my old electronics in an environmentally responsible way.

Throughout the entire process, Integrity Tech Recycling was incredibly easy to work with. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and always went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with their service. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy electronics recycler.

In summary, if you’re looking for an electronics recycler that is responsive, easy to work with, and committed to making recycling convenient, then Integrity Tech Recycling is the right choice for you. They have truly exceeded my expectations in every way, and I have no doubt that they will do the same for you.

Brett M.

Director of Technology

Reinvesting Your Equipment

Did you know the US EPA recommends the reuse of all IT equipment if possible before recycling it? The benefits of reuse are exponentially more effective. Reusing one computer for example, saves over 500 lbs of carbon based fuels from having to be expended and removes nearly 50 lbs of chemicals that would have been processed. Our team of technicians and refurbishers are experts in adding the value back in your obsolete equipment so it can be reused and remarketed at its highest potential. This increases your environmental commitment as well as your bottom line.

Responsible Recycling

At Integrity Tech Recycling we believe in a zero landfill and zero ewaste policy. These policies are the foundations of a sound environmental strategy. We also demand the strictest adherence from our R2 RIOS / SERI certified partners that handle our downstream material.

What Will You Leave Behind?

Much media coverage has been devoted to the problems associated with this hot button issue: irresponsible e-waste dumps into landfills, illegal exportation overseas, and the release of hazardous e-waste components into landfills. We’ve all seen the tragedy of it, images of old PC’s, cables, and monitors, piled into mountains, and poisoning the world.

Our goal therefore is to be the watchdog over your assets, to maximize its purpose, to keep it away from landfills, and to make sure any unrecoverable asset is recycled responsibly, and not sent overseas as e-waste.

Our Legacy Program: Green IT Asset Management and Triage Services

It must be clarified that though we work closely with multiple Recycling companies around the area, as we are not ourselves a RECYCLING Company — The recycling solution would be to take a unit, bash, break and shred it down to its base components like plastics, metals, etc. and separate it based on its densities. We use this option only as a last resort. When it comes to your retired end of life equipment, think of us as your Triage team, we take a unit and our first goal is to breathe life back into it. Our expertise is in fixing any ailments it may have, then to transplant any vital parts it may be missing.

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